Monday, February 21, 2011

Another Part of the Family

   This weekend we had to say goodbye to another part of our family.  We weren't genetically related, and we didn't even know the first thing about his pedigree, not even his mother or father.  But he became part of our family in 1999 and here is the picture my daughter who was 4 years old drew at that time.

   My husband Brent said that if we were to get a dog the only kind he wanted was an Australian Shepherd.  A few days later we read an ad in the paper for a free Australian Shepherd mix to a good home.  We thought it must be meant to be.  We drove the family to the kennel to see this rescue dog and he came right to us and got in our van and has been part of our family ever since. 

Young Ernie helps little Wes with chickens
at the old farm we rented from 1999-2001

  He went on many adventures with us
Ernie leads the way at Turkey Run State Park

and was always there to greet us at home.

He made many friends, including my friend Heather who doesn't usually like dogs.  He tried to protect us from the UPS man every time his brown truck rolled our way and even barked at the pizza delivery girl the day before he died. 

He was part of our family in every way.

We are thankful for all the love he gave us, and will miss him so much. 


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