Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Breakthrough?

   A predicted 4th cousin on the genome sharing site 23andme challenged me today by asking more about my maternal grandmother's maternal grandmother.  Or more easily stated, my great great grandmother Mary Knox Paul Osborn.

   Once again I started searching the internet for more information about her, but I didn't have high hopes.  For some reason tonight I found something I have never come across before--a Kansas State Census from 1895!  Finding that fills in a huge gap from the elusive 1890's, and in fact a bigger gap because I haven't ever been able to find records showing this family in Pennyslvania before they moved West.

   The Kansas State Census of 1895 has given me something pretty exciting: 3 more children of Mary Knox Paul Osborn!  What's more, they're MALE, Albert, Harry and Frank.  My hope is that knowing these names of my grandma's uncles will help me find more of their living descendants or anyone who might know something about this family.  It also explains a lot.  My great grandmother had a son named Albert and my own grandmother named her oldest son Harry, one after a brother and the other after an uncle.  It's kind of a Eureka moment!  And I hope it leads to exciting things.

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