Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday's Treasure Every Day

Today was the culmination of 10 days of tending the Amish Friendship Bread starter given to me by one of my knitting friends. My 18 year old son was sure we were all going to die of food poisoning from breaking all food safety rules. But when the cinnamon-y smell was wafting through the house, I thought we were probably on to a good thing. While I was mixing up the batter and setting aside more starter for other friends I was wondering what I might have to blog about today. When I took my bread out of the oven I realized the answer was right in front of my eyes!

My "Thursday Treasures" are two things I use almost every day.  The wooden cooling rack made by my Grandpa Charles Blevins,
which you can see is used well and often.  My grandpa was a USDA meat inspector at Emge Packing Co. In Anderson, Indiana.  Sometime around his retirement from meat inspecting Grandpa was able to enjoy more time with his hobby of woodworking.  One of the items he made at that time was this cooling rack that I use in my kitchen every week.

   A larger project was one that my grandma always wanted.  Grandma always wanted a trestle table.  Eventually Grandpa made her one.  Cleverly he made the table top out of a door so that it would be all one solid piece.  We had many family dinners at Grandma's table over the years. It is long enough that you can put six along each side if you really need to, and it doesn't seem too crowded.  I am pleased to enjoy using it now in my own home with the five of us each day, whether we are eating dinner, doing homework, playing Bananagrams, or having back to back dueling laptops, it is a central place in our household where we often gather. 
Grandpa Charles Blevins
with 4 generations on Christmas Day

Some treasures are ones that we have to go on journeys to find, but some are with us all along.

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  1. I confess that I ate most of the Amish friendship bread ~ Brent