Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday: Notes

Genealogy in Progress and To Do For this week...

1. Sent records request form to Buckner Orphan's Home in Dallas, TX. inquiring whether my great grandfather William Goff and siblings were residents there and if they have employment records for my great great grandfather Thomas Goff. 

2. Sent email to the Cathedral in Dallas inquiring about records concerning great great grandmother Annie Goff's grave location.

3. Checked Illinois Regional Archives Database website link to confirm the death date of great great great grandfather Theodore B. Jones in Fairbury, Illinois and doubled checked the turnaround time customary for requesting death certificates from the Illinois Department of Public Health.  Was going to call to ask if there was a problem with this form submission but see that it says to allow 8-10 weeks processing time.  I submitted the form right before Christmas so this is still within that timeframe. Very curious to know more about Theodore and how he died. Maybe a clue as to why no gravestone or obituary?

4. Sent an email to the Wayne County Ohio Public Library requesting a search for an obituary for great grandfather Walter Thomas. I wonder if his obituary would have been listed there as well as in Kissimmee since it was his last permanent residence before retiring to Florida and the home of his son and grandchildren? Florida obituary states interment would be at a later date, but death certificate says that Walter's remains were cremated. Does Walter have a grave??? If so is it in Wooster? Would there be information about this in a Wooster area obituary? 

5. Awaiting copy of vintage photo including cousin Crystal with her mother Linda. Will send to publisher of author Linda Capus Riley and ask to forward.  Will ask if she is the woman in the photo and if so then tell her I am her daughter's cousin and send my contact info.

6. Received electronic copy of great grandmother Elizabeth Osborne and William Goff's marriage certificate from cousin Douglas Ferguson.  Marriage date is October 6,( just like grandma and grandpa and Mom & Bob!)  year is 1900.  Need to determine how to get copy of original from Jasper County, MO. 

7. See what other sources are on the Missouri gen web site.

8. Visit Local FHL

9. Goal: See if I can contact any of Verna or Veda Thomas' living descendants.  Ask Sue Ann if she has made any progress with this.

10. Write letter to cousin JoAnn Rebuck re: great grandfather Albert Milton McElfresh and her connection to the McElfresh family.  Who was Albert's brother and where did they come from? Why did they move to Anderson? Did A.M. come alone or with his brother. 

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